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Bandera Texas

Land Clearing

Texas's Bandera is a hidden gem, nestled in a vast and rugged county known for its sprawling lakes, rolling hills, and winding rivers. Bandera is a small town with a big place in the hearts of Texans. This charming town offers an authentic glimpse into a bygone era where handshakes sealed deals and honest work was the norm. 


Lone Star Land Services is proud to serve Bandera with the utmost professionalism and the best customer service possible. We pride ourselves on providing environmentally safe land clearing services using specialized forestry equipment and techniques. Our work ensures a minimal impact on the environment, and we always maintain the ecological balance of the landscape. 


During the land clearing process, we convert unwanted brush into beneficial mulch that can be used on the cleared land or removed. The process is quick, green, and cost-effective. We take great care in the removal of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation from the land while keeping in mind the flora and fauna living in the area. Our professional and experienced team is committed to delivering the best possible outcome while maintaining the highest level of safety and efficiency.

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