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Tree Removal Services in San Antonio, TX

When a professional tree risk assessment identifies a potential problem, such as diseases or irreparable damage, tree cutting or removal may be required. Unfortunately, many tree removal projects are too complex and dangerous to handle without the assistance of a professional. Any errors can also be costly.

Our team has highly trained and ISA-certified arborists to assist San Antonio, TX residents in safely removing dangerous trees from residential and commercial properties. We have the experience, equipment, and crew to handle large-scale projects efficiently and affordably while staying within your budget.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in San Antonio, TX?

Lone Star Land Services performs a thorough assessment to provide you with transparent pricing before beginning the job. Some of the main factors that our experts consider when pricing tree trimming services include the following:

Location and Accessibility

If your tree is in a safe location away from buildings and other obstacles, the cost for this tree service will be lower than if there is a risk of damaging properties. To avoid potential liabilities, the more complex the tree's accessibility, the more specialized equipment, and techniques are required.

Tree Height and Size

The pricing is heavily influenced by the diameter and height of your tree. For example, if your tree is tall, you must take more steps to prune it. A thick tree will also cost more than a small tree stump.

Client Specifications

When it comes to removing diseased trees, residential and commercial customers have several options. Some people prefer to split tree logs for fireplaces, while others prefer stump grinding over stump removal services. The price difference between the options is something our experts will gladly discuss before the tree services begin.

Equipment Needed

The various equipment used for these tree services, like the tree's accessibility, requires varying certifications and skills. Crane use, for example, will be more expensive than traditional tree care techniques.

Safety and Risk

Are tree service professionals at risk of electric shock when removing a tree near power lines? Do you have decaying trees that could fall or lose heavy branches at any time? All of these are important questions that our San Antonio tree surgeons will think about before taking action.

Time and Crew Required

Consider how dense your lot is and the amount of coverage experts will provide if you need lot clearing. Furthermore, more crew members will be needed to tend to tree removals on a muddy, sloped lawn in order to avoid accidental sliding and injuries.

Is tree stump removal really necessary?

While an old tree stump may not cause problems right away, it may become a nuisance over time. It's also a good idea to include stump removal in your tree maintenance because it can be dangerous. Tree stumps can also take up valuable yard space and invite diseases, pests, and other unwanted visitors.

DIY Tree Removal vs. Hiring a Tree Service Company

In some cases, San Antonio homeowners may consider cutting their own trees. If that is the case, you will need the necessary protective equipment as well as a city permit to cut down your tree. However, if anything goes wrong while performing the tree trimming service and you cause injuries or damage to your neighbor's property, you will be held fully responsible.

We ensure that permits are obtained on time and understand tree health, assisting you in locating dead branches that are close to your property in order to avoid complications.


To avoid costly complications, our tree service experts will determine whether your tree has an underlying disease before beginning work. Unless you have professional training and experience in tree care, it's always best to hire local tree services like Lone Star Land Services.

Looking For Professional Tree Removal Services in San Antonio, TX? Work With Us Today!

Lone Star Land Services is a locally owned and operated tree service in San Antonio, TX that assists homeowners in removing dangerous and unwanted trees.

We've been in the tree service industry since 2005, removing trees in San Antonio safely and efficiently. Call (210) 473-7750 today for expert tree care services! Get an estimate today!

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