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Land Clearing

Comal County is a serene getaway tucked neatly on the Edwards Plateau within the grandeur of Texas, US. The expansive region boasts over 10 different cities and towns with a total population of over 100,000 residents, making it one of the most sought-after locations for living and adventure.


At Lone Star Land Services, we take pride in catering to the discerning residents of Comal County, TX. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism and exceptional customer service sets us apart from our competitors. Our environmentally-conscious land clearing services incorporate advanced techniques and dedicated forestry machinery that minimize negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Our skilled team upcycles unwanted brush and foliage into premium quality mulch that can nourish the remaining vegetation or be removed from the site, as per your preference. 


Our process is not only faster and more cost-effective but also eco-friendly. Our techniques ensure that we make the most of the natural resources available without harming the surrounding ecosystem. We believe that our commitment to environmental preservation, in alignment with our land services, makes us the ideal choice for residents who appreciate a delicate balance between modern advancement and preserving nature.

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