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Spicewood Texas

Land Clearing

Spicewood Residents and Land Owners have entrusted Lone Star Land Services with their utmost clearance needs over the years, and as such, we've become a household name in the area. 


Our team of seasoned professionals is solely dedicated to serving the residents of Spicewood with the highest level of professionalism and the best possible customer service. With the skills and expertise we possess, we're certain that we can provide a clearing service that suits both your need and budget.


Additionally, as part of our thriving environmentally friendly initiative, Lone Star Land Services offers a specialized "environmentally safe" land clearing service; designed to ensure that little-to-no effect is felt in the surrounding environment. This initiative is done using dedicated forestry machinery and state-of-the-art methods to turn your unwanted brush into beneficial mulch - which can, in turn, be used on the cleared land or for removal. 


At Lone Star Land Services, we prioritize your satisfaction, and with this in mind, we work round the clock to ensure that our process is always quicker, safer, and less costly for you. Trust in us for all your land clearing and brush removal needs.

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