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Land Clearing

The community of Seguin, Texas has a rich history that dates back to 1838 when Mathew Caldwell's Gonzales Rangers founded it. Even though it took 15 years for the town to become incorporated, it has now become a hub for Texan history and culture. The town's initial name was Walnut Springs, which was in recognition of the natural fresh water resources that were abundant in the area. However, the community later decided to rename the town after one of Texas' bravest men, Colonel Juan N. Seguin, who was among Sam Houston's ablest lieutenants during the struggle for independence.


At Lone Star Land Services, we understand the significance of preserving the heritage of the community of Seguin, TX. Our commitment to this community is rooted in the quality of customer service that we provide. Our environmentally safe land clearing service is the perfect complement to the lush vegetation and natural resources that abound in the area. Utilizing dedicated forestry machinery and alternative techniques, we transform unwanted brush with minimal impact on the environment. Best of all, we deliver effective results that are both faster and more cost-effective, not to mention eco-friendly.

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